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I need some suggestions/help in keeping the featured articles up to date. Anyone want to offer to suggest articles for May/June? I can make the changes, but it's deciding which articles are a) long enough and b)important enough to feature that's the tough part. Thanks.
Mark, why don't you and I figure out what needs to happen and I'll help you put stuff together. Mayhaps we can chat in the next few days?
Basically, it'd be most efficient for us to set up a featured article queue similar to the featured article archive so that at the beginning of each month we don't have to scan the site for available and worthy articles. This way, we'd also have some notice if a category will be blank in a given month. We are almost always left empty-handed in the magic department, as no articles exist on spells, few on magic items, and nothing really on other magic related topics. Once this list is created and filled for a few months in advance, then on the first of the month, someone just needs to move the next-listed articles to the archive from the queue and update the Portal:x/Featured pages. I've been doing this for the last year but haven't really had time recently to stay up to speed with it.
As part of the main page redesign, I am setting up a more efficient system for doing the main featured article. I wonder if we should continue the topical featured articles, or combine them all into the front page featured. While it would be easy enough to replicate the system for not only Featured article and Featured image but also Featured magic, Featured religion, Featured geography, and Featured sourcebook, at some point we are going to run out of high quality articles to include in these queues without repeating. Additionally, the more queues we have set up, the more work it is for us to maintain, and we have a number of ongoing projects that I think are a higher priority. After the main page is redesigned, I plan to make similar alterations to the portals so that they maintain some visual continuity for the site. At that time, if we decide to, I will remove the featured articles portion from the layout. Thoughts?

Edit: Something that just came to mind os for us to incorporate the different kinds of featured articles into a weekly article instead of monthly. This way, we can alternate between a nation, deity, magic, sourcebook, etc. article and get everything covered in the course of a month. Problem is, I don't know how to make code that will automatically put the most recently dated article in the right spot on the main page. I can use {{PathfinderWiki:Featured article queue/{{{CURRENTMONTH}}} {{{CURRENTYEAR}}} }} like I am now, but I don't know how to add in a day parameter without it not being able to find what it's looking for except on those dates we actually have articles slated for. If anyone can figure this out, I'd be grateful. (I have a feeling a template using parser functions like our Cite article subtemplates could do it, but I can't make one now.)

Ok! So I figured it out, with some help from someone from the general Wikia community. The queue is ready to be filled. I think the actual articles for the Core Rulebook for next week and Katapesh the following week are less than ideal, but they're there as placeholders.

It would actually be really helpful for someone to step forward to be the wrangler of the featured articles. With the new queueing feature, that would simply involve staying ahead of the gun and keeping the queue filled a month or more in advance and moving old articles from the queue to the history page. It seems that most wikis have committees dedicated just to this of three or more people, but for a project of our current size, a single person should be able to do the job, and I don't think we'll have a lot of proposals or objections to ones that do go up.

Though I'm a little hesitant to do so, I'll take a crack at this.
If you'd like, take the time to think on it a bit; if you're still hesitant after mulling it over I'd be happy to take on the task. And even if you decide to give it a go, if you ever change your mind just give me a heads-up; I don't want anyone at this project to feel pressured to take on a responsibility they don't want to have.
Ditto. I wasn't trying to pressure anyone to take a role they don't think they can or don't want to fill. I simply meant that I think things will run smoother if we have someone who is trying to stay on top of this particular problem. It would reflect poorly on us for the queue to lapse and have blank templates show up on the main page.
I've given it some thought, and I think I'd still like to do this. My main concern is, what defines a feature-worthy article?
That's something we still need to iron out.

Looking at the criteria on some other sites, they list things such as a basic overview as an intro to the article (which is then used as the featured article snippet), inclusion of all sources on a topic, relevance, timeliness, and newness. I think for the time being, it's sort of a judgment call since we have neither a policy on it, not the article or editorial base to really build a huge queue of "ideal" articles. Starting out, I think we should just do our best.

As for images, I think we should primarily use the landscape oriented action/cinematic pictures. While portraits are great, they have a lot of unattractive white in them that I'd rather keep off the front page for the most part and they will stretch the column out to be much longer than that on the left side and throw off the balance of the page. I don't think there can't be exceptions made, but I think we should try to use images that will fit well. I am also torn on if we should use formatted cover images (with titles and trade dress), maps, and biographical portraits. For the time being, there are plenty of action shots and full-page, unformatted cover art that we should have some time to come to a consensus on these questions. Nothing says we can't change our criteria at any time down the road.

Oh yeah, and thanks for taking up the responsibility here! If there's ever a time that you feel like it's too much or you will be leaving the site for vacation or whatever and need someone to fill your shoes, just let us know.

So, just to be clear, you want me to keep the featured article queue, and the featured media queue up to date?
If that's what you'd like to do. If you think doing both is too much, just do what you can. I think the articles are a larger task than the images, because they take a little bit more work to add. If you can handle those, I'm happy to set up a bunch of images in the queue to last a long time. It will work well with my upcoming project to get them categorized and credited better so that they are more easily accessible through the gallery.
Yeah, I'll totally take care of the featured media. Like you said, that will be the easy one, especially since we get fresh images from Paizo regularly. That said, if you want to pre-load the queue with images as you're going through them, that would be great too. I can just keep an eye on it, and tweak it if there is an image that gets released that is more timely given current releases/events.

On another note, did the August picks from PathfinderWiki:Featured_Article_Archive ever really see the light of day? I was thinking that maybe I's start off by putting them into the FA queue.

The August featured articles have not been added to the individual portals. I think we'll eventually remove them from those pages unless we can figure out a way to change them on a monthly basis. Actually, I think I know how to do that. I'll see what I can do. If each month contains a main featured article from each of the four subcategories, we can make them update on a single week per month using just specific queued articles. Anyway, see if you can't do one "religion," "geography," "sourcebook," and "magic" topic a month and I'll set the rest up. If it doesn't work, or if we add additional portals we might need to revisit that, but let's see how it goes.