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Tonight I tried to upload a few pictures from today's blog and got the following error message
Could not rename file "temp/6/69/20101105071436!File-Charau-ka.jpg" to "public/6/69/File-Charau-ka.jpg"

Any idea what's causing that?

I'm also having trouble getting YodaBot to work on the new server. Any idea how we need to change the file or another config file to get bot access here?
We really built our site around being able to use monaco. Apparently it can be downloaded here though I don't know if Wikia's sabotaged it nor how to implement it here if we wanted to.
Image uploads should be fixed now (file permission problem introduced when I imported the old images). I'm not so sure that we're tied closely to monaco. We do need to get all of the proper extensions installed and working, but I think that should solve most of our issues. As for updating the bots, I haven't had a chance to look yet. Perhaps I'll take a peek today if I get a chance.
Reference sections should be fixed now. spaces after <ref> tags still causing problems.
The problem with the references now seems to be that a line break is included after each set, but only when they are immediately followed by a space. This doesn't cause any issue when such references occur at the end of a block of text, but within a paragraph this results in a new line of text beginning with a space, which MediaWiki interprets as the beginning of a code box.
Such as this.

Unfortunately, I am unsure why this is occurring. Perhaps we need to change a parameter within the extension itself?

RSS fixed
Actually, now that I look at it, the line break added along with footnotes are causing an issue when such footnotes appear at the end of a paragraph. It adds a second line break to the one that already exists therecausing a double break when the article is rendered and significantly breaking up an article's text.
An updated version of the Cite extensions seems to have solved the problem.
CreateBox extension installed and working
Might want to run "initStats.php" from the maintenance directory - the top of the page says that we only have one article, and it looks from a quick search, that will update the number
iniStats.php is done. VERY different count than Wikia (perhaps counting images?). Forum extension is installed, but having some issues.
I think it's probably counting talk and meta pages. I know wikia didn't count anything in the Help, Talk, User, and PathfinderWiki namespaces.
I believe that the forums are now working.
You guys might want to use a bot to create category pages, there are 273 wanted cats with at least two pages. One thing that is bloating your page count is blog posts and blog comments, you can either install some sort of blog extension, delete all en masse or move them to another namespace. Right now they are popping up via random page. Oh, and best of luck to you all!
Horizontal lines that are generated as part of type 2 section headings are passing through infoboxes ans thumbnails within articles. An example can be seen on the article Devilfish, under the Variant Devilfish section heading.
We no longer have collapsible content in navboxes. Compare Society Scenarios/2 navbox with Template:PFS navbox.

Fixed —Aeakett 01:36, 7 November 2010 (UTC)

Also, page badges no longer work, so we either need to change all {{Badges}} to a non-badge template, or get those working again.

Fixed —Aeakett 01:11, 7 November 2010 (UTC)

It's been brought to my attention that the image situation is WAY worse than I thought. From the looks of it, only about 50% of the images came through. I don't know of a good way to get the rest. It looks like we'll have to grind through them :-(

Re: blog entries. It looks like wikia's blog extension is totally custom. It may even depend on some of their mediawiki customizations. So, that's kind of a non-starter.

Re: Section underlining. It's not so much that the underline extends (it's always there), rather, the boxes it appears to pass through have no background colour set. Splitting hairs of course, we'll still have to fix it.

Aeakett, can you install this extension? I think we can use it to recreate at least the news blogs were were doing. By denoting "news" articles via the categories we already have, we can then use the rss extension to aggregate them on the main and a dedicated news page. user blogs will just have to go away. We can easily add a new namespace for News so those articles don't get counted in our main article count, and since it'll be making an rss feed, we can auto-post new news to twitter and fb. We'd lose comment capability, but I might have a way to get that to work with nested page transclusion.

Done. —Aeakett 23:39, 10 November 2010 (UTC)

I got the tantable class added to the current skin and customized it to look a little better on the parchment background instead of the solid tan we had before the new color scheme. It appears to be working ok everywhere except in navboxes. Any subheadings within them are coming up with a white background. I'm sure there's a simple fix for it but I'm not sure what it is.

I've been looking into getting submenus on our sidebar, and I believe we can do so with this extension. We should be able to use the existing submenus from monaco once we get that set up. Installed. —Aeakett 00:30, 11 November 2010 (UTC)

And with daylight savings time giving me my hour back tonight, I'm going to keep on plugging along to get this site in better shape than the old one.

Wow, you guys have been busy. I'll have a look at those extensions tonight if I get a chance. I just turned on some caching that will hopefully improve performance. Let me know if it helped (I think it did), and if there are any problems.
Re: Section underlining

Actually, the section underline has always stopped short of a thumbnail image, rather than continuing beneath it. This was the case not only on Wikia, but before we moved there. I'm not sure what the problem is with thumbnails currently, but it might be linked to lack of right-sided margins.

Traditionally, thumbnails are coded to automatically apply a margin around their border, to cause article text to wrap before running up against it. Currently, our thumbnails do not seem to include such a margin, and I'm wondering if it was also the margin that used to prevent section underlines from continuing past the image borders as well. I don't know how to define such a margin, but it might be something worth looking into.

Hmm. OK, does look the way you expect?
Hey, this is Brandingopportunity. I'm having trouble logging into the wiki for some unknown reason. When I log in anonymously, it's not a problem, but when I try to log in, it forwards me to a blank page. Any idea what might be causing this?
Whoops, I think that was me. Try it now.
yup, that fixed it
Whatever you did fixed it! Thank you. Also, belated kudos again for all the work people have been putting in here. Just got back from a weekend out of town and the wiki looks a lot better

Nah, I'm totally unfamiliar with Wikipedia's new skin. I recall something like you see on WoWPedia.

Yeah, that's the skin I was thinking of. It's more modern looking than monobook, but not overkill like oasis or even monaco.
@Heavens Agent, huh that's interesting. WoWpedia is using a modified version of Vector which is the skin that Wikipedia uses (and is the default as of MediaWiki 1.16). Apparently, amongst the things they modified is how the heading underlines behave. I'll have a look and see if I can figure out what they've changed.

As for Yoda8myhead liking the overall look of Vector/WoWpedia, I can't say that I disagree. I don't know if we can backport it to MediaWiki 1.15 (which is what we're using), but we can almost certainly modify a copy of monobook to closly emulate it. That conversation is probably better had over here though.

Hmm, that's kind of an interesting cheat that they did. It's actually a thick border the same colour as the background. Having a graphical background on our articles, we can't really use that technique (perhaps something we should discuss).

It's not something unique to vector. If you view sites such as WoWPedia in Monobook, the same break in the section underline appears. I do believe it is something specific to the formatting of thumbnails themselves.

Oh, yeah, no. I didn't mean that it was a trick of the Vector skin (in fact the Wikipedia fox article illustrates a line right up to the thumbnail border). I can also confirm that their monobook skin uses the same trick to "hide" the heading underline. At any rate, the technique they use to achieve the effect won't work for us right now since it doesn't actually stop the line from extending, but rather hides it. When I hit "save" here, I'm going to fix our stylesheets up so that the line doesn't appear to extend through the box. After that we'll have to discuss whether getting rid of the "paper" background is something we want to do (which would allow us to seamlessly hide the heading underlines like WoWpedia does).
Just noticed something. The search box seems to be case-sensitive, which is not good. If I type "plane of fire" or "Plane of fire" into it, I get no results. Only if I type "Plane of Fire" do I get the correct page. Is there some way we can correct that?

I think this should be fixed now. —Aeakett 00:53, 11 November 2010 (UTC)

Category pages are displaying an opaque background behind the page listings. I've tried fiddling with common.css and pathbook.css after looking at the page source, but it seems like my grasp of css is less impressive than I thought. Anything we can do about that, or perhaps better, a tutorial of what we need to do to make future adjustments to the look of the site from a code standpoint?

Fixed. I removed the default background colour for tables in the skin's main CSS file. In my opinion, the real issue was/is that the table didn't have an id or class. I could have added one, but that involves changing the mediawiki code, which is totally doable, but would get overwritten during a mediawiki update. Anyway… we should keep an eye out for transparent tables that are caused by this change. As for a tutorial, well it's mostly css that we're changing. So I could fumble over my words, or you could find a nice CSS tutorial in a book or on the web. The truth is that you've done a LOT for being—I assume—self-taught. Pro tip: Assuming that you're using firefox, go get a copy of firebug, and get comfortable it's "inspect" feature (chrome has something similar built in, but I like firebug's better). —Aeakett 01:38, 12 November 2010 (UTC)

Simultaneous issue #2! Why is there a white line around the featured media template on the main page?
And again! When we were on wikia, only unvisited forum pages appeared in bold on the main forum page. Here, everything since the move has shown up in bold no matter how many times I refresh the page, post, or click through the links.
The previous one is interesting. Did you actually click on the bold links? I found that if I visited the forum postings form the Recent Changes page, the topics remained bold. As soon as I clicked on a bold link, and then went back, the bolding was gone.

Upon further investigation, I see similar behaviour at wikia (which is expected since we'e using the same extension). Can you confirm or provide further info?


I'm seeing the same behavior you've described; the link remains bold unless I actually click on it to view a forum thread. Once I've accessed a forum thread in this way, the link is no longer appears as bold text.

They remain bold for me no matter how I access the forum thread.
OK. I get bad behaviour in Safari and Chrome. Good behaviour in Firefox. Anybody on a windows machine to let us know what happens in IE (and what version)?
IE 8.0 on a Windows machine running XP seems to work correctly. Also, I was very fond of the "link suggest" extension (not sure if that's what it actually was called) that popped up when one typed double square brackets and began to type a term while editing. Is this something that exists in MediaWiki? I've looked around a bit on the website, but couldn't find any info.
I miss the link suggest thingy too. I think I've found the extension, but can't get it working (as seems to be the case with many/all wikia custom extensions). For future reference the extension I've been trying is LinkSuggest.
Have you tried this one on MediaWiki's site?
I just noticed this: why are all the "Wanted" pages (under Special pages) missing data?

Fixed. Caused by some over-zealous caching settings. —Aeakett 01:04, 14 November 2010 (UTC)

Oh... that cannot be good. They had stuff in them before.
They appear to be back.
OK, this is getting a little unwieldly. I've created a whole separate forum for tech issues. If you have further tech issues or bug reports, please create a new thread there (one thread per issue). That way we can actually have a discussion about each issue if we have to without cluttering things up.

I think I've got everything from this thread moved over, though if there's an outstanding issue that you're really passionate about, you might want to double-check.