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Hi, I am new here on the forums, so I'll get straight to the point.

I have very limited D&D tabletop experience. I've probably played 20 campaigns or so spread out over a 5 year period. I don't get a whole lot of time to play, and when I do the games never really last more than a month, which brings me to the sole reason for this topic.

The DM for almost all of our games is a Power Mongerer. I am not alone in feeling this way. Our games never last more than 4 weeks because he sees it fit to introduce impossible situations into our campaigns. No one else DMs since none of us really have the home space for 10+ people in our individual places of residence save for the afore mentioned DM, so we just kind of deal.

We have only had one campaign where our characters have made it passed level 10. We usually all die around level 6 or 7. Its sort of become an expected scenario, so as of late we have all been trying to come up with absolutely broken builds, that will do nothing but create insane amounts of frustration for our DM.

The only real limitations in our campaigns are nothing from Psionics. Everything else is sort of on the fly. The DM doesn't like True alignment characters. Frenzied berserkers and obviously broken PrCs are out.

I'm posting on the Pathfinder boards because we will be having our second Pathfinder game coming up soon, and we would all like to catch the DM off guard, and actually finish a campaign before we all die during the fourth or fifth week.

There isn't alot of actual role playing in our campaigns. Some of us try, but it never really seems to matter. I played a Bard with starting charisma of 18 (focusing solely on charisma), and didn't pass a single check as the game progressed.

So as it stands, we are all searching for the most over powered, and game breaking builds that we can get our hands on. If anyone would be kind enough to point us in the right direction would be appreciated.
Erghiez, we don't usually handle questions like yours on this site, as we deal with the Pathfinder RPG campaign setting, and not the actual rules of the game. Take a look around our wiki, and you will see very little "crunch" information included. I would suggest you post your concerns on the Paizo Messageboards; I'm sure you will get a lot more feedback there.
Having said that, I would recommend that you don't fight fire with fire, since that will probably just lead to further escalation on your GM's part. Here's what I would do: the point of playing any RPG is for everyone playing to have fun. Since you (and others presumably) are not having fun, talk to the GM and let him know. If he is not willing to change his tune and run a game where EVERYONE can have fun, I would refuse to play with him. You don't need a lot of room to play an RPG (I spent years playing in the back of a NY deli), and you'll find another GM. Good ones can be hard to find, but they are out there.

I thank you for the information and advice, and apologize for not taking more time to seek out proper resources =)