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As a general spam-like announcement, my just-launched (and unlinked, so as not to abuse recently granted privileges) Google Map of the Inner Sea uses blurbs from the Pathfinder Wiki for its location info boxes. One of the things I'm envisioning in the future is a way to embed the map into other pages, potentially granting the wiki the capability to more cleanly have a map of a particular location (in a sidebar, etc.), without having to recreate it graphically. All map markers also automatically link back to the wiki (whether there's a blurb for them or not).

Very cool. I think there's a lot of potential to use many tools far beyond my understanding to increase the reach and scope of this project, so I'm eager to see what comes of your site and any advanced in integrating it with the wiki you can do (while still adhering to the CUP, of course). Most past mapping efforts others did ran afoul of that policy and thus had to be shut down, so I urge caution there, but otherwise hope to see great things.

Edit: Actually, after looking at it, I'm super impressed, both that you've made it look good and be functional, but also that it seems like it has a bunch of potential. It certainly makes out Portal:Geography look silly. I know the map of the entirety of Golarion is part of the CUP, and imagine you could fairly easily make multiple maps all on the same site. Let me see what I can do internally about getting a high-res map of the Crown of the World and Tian Xia out into the wild.

Thanks for liking it ;) As you know, i did try to get access to the hi-res version of the Inner Sea map, but failing that, the current Inner Sea map is directly from the CUP, and I'm all Registry'd and legal'd up properly now, so I can't imagine why there'd be any difficulty with it. I had done some research into the prior map efforts, and the main problem with all the takedowns I found were that they seemed to be by using images that were not part of the CUP. The next "legal" hurdle, per se, is adding locations that are NOT labeled on the CUP image, but I don't see how that'd be a violation either. As for multiple maps, yeah, it's certainly possible, and is why I chose that particular domain (Map*s* of *Golarion*) vs. something more narrow. (For technical reasons, additional maps would be entirely different pages vs trying to merge them together into a flattened-sphere.) I would lOooOove if you could get some of the other continents released!
Hey everyone, I wanted to bring this post back to the top to see what others thought about the interactive map and thoughts about working to have the map tie in more with the Wiki. I reached out to the owner, Morbus Iff, and he is more than happy to allow us to work on it for the community. As Yoda mentioned, I think there is a lot of potential to use this for the Geography portal somehow and allow users to traverse Golarion and see all of the different cities, countries, POIs and areas of Golarion. I know this was two years ago, but Yoda - Did you get any luck on being able to grab a few other High-res maps? For the people who haven't seen it, here is a link to the map: Interactive Map of Golarion Thoughts everyone?
The maps that are currently on the wiki are all we have access to. Paizo is not willing to add higher resolution versions or additional maps to the Community Use Package at this time.