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Hello all, I think we have some consideration to make about how best to incorporate mythic into our wiki. Simple things need agreeing like are they classes to add to the class navbox and use the Class template or do we set up new templates for mythic classes? Mythic monsters and the new CR / MR construct? Etc Etc. Use this area here for discussion please. I am afraid I have yet to read about this subject, so have little to say on the matter apart from that it'd be best to do some pre-thinking then engage a solid structure rather than a piecemeal approach which would lead to inconsistency. However more and more mythic elements are being added. --Fleanetha (talk) 17:31, 2 March 2014 (UTC)

I think it should be pretty easy to integrate mythic content into the wiki, as we really don't deal with that much crunch. Specifically, I think that mythic paths can be treated like prestige classes (which we're already doing, see Category:Inhabitants_by_class), and mythic ranks could probably be added to the Creature and Person templates. Are there other mythic elements that would require similar considerations?
When we do micro stat blocks in running text in our products, we treat mythic tiers the same way we do class levels. Thus, in infoboxes, I think it best just to incorporate any mythic tiers directly into the existing Class line. The only other time I can think that we'd need to indicate something is mythic is in the infoboxes of monsters with mythic ranks. In this case, I suggest we simply add them in parentheses after the creature's final CR (ie. CR 6 (MR 2).) Any monster that has a mythic version should have the mythic and standard monsters detailed on the same page, like how we do Giant fly and Giant maggot. Simply use a second infobox for the mythic version and put a "Mythic *nameofmonster*s" header in the normal appearance, ecology, variants, hierarchy on creature pages. Other than that, I can't really think of anything we need to do that distinguishes things as being mythic or not. That's a gamist construction to represent things that in-world they wouldn't know had different sorts of mechanics.