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Forum:New forums have "Forum" twice in article names

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Forums: Workshop > New forums have "Forum" twice in article names

I don't know when this problem started, but we now have to manually delete or move articles in the Forum namespace, as the automatic thread creation tool makes the titles "Forum:Forum:Thread title." Any way we can fix this behavior in the new article creation tool?
Looks like this is an issue with the CreateBox extension, which hasn't been updated recently. The InputBox extension seems to work fine. Fixing this should be as easy as editing Forum:Grand Lodge and Forum:Workshop and changing the <createbox> tags to <inputbox> and adding the type=create parameter inside the tags, like so for Grand Lodge:
buttonlabel=Add a topic
editintro=Template:Forum intro

I think the only feature we lose is the automatic notification when creating a page using a title that already exists.

Forum:Grand Lodge and Forum:Workshop are protected, so an admin needs to make the changes.