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Solifugid, Jerboa, and Bustard are all real world creatures. Should we put real world images into the articles (especially where there are no pictures in any pathfinder books at all?
Yeah, this totally makes sense. Of course, if a picture shows up in a print source, we should prefer it.
In order to maintain a consistent visual style I'd prefer illustrations over photographs, but that might just be me, and will probably limit the number of available, legal images we can use. We don't even have to maintain such a site-wide style, but Paizo does such a good job of it with their products that I thought we could attempt something similar here. That said, I would love to see art on more pages, so let's see how it goes. Also, WotC has made available a ton of their art in various galleries, and I know that the d20srd and other sites use them without a problem, so we can use those for imaginary monsters that Paizo doesn't release free art for.
Hi all!

It would be nice if we could use art instead of photos. Do you think we could use WotC art without a problem ?

We should have no difficulty using WotC art as long as the {{Image info}} template is included for all images and the correct copyright template is present in the Licensing section. We must still only use those images that WotC has released on their image galleries. If they have not made the image available or given rights to reuse it, we are in copyright violation to post it here.