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I've recently become interested in spells again. I think it would be interesting and useful to have a Spell index similar to the Monster index, which would list all the spells unique to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. The monster index continues to be one of our most popular pages, and I think the spell index could become equally sought-after.

At first I thought it would be one huge list, similar to the monster index, but I soon realized that this would be unwieldy and difficult to sort (because certain spells have varying levels depending on who is casting them). The more straight-forward answer, is to have one table per character class. I believe (and please tell me if you think I am mistaken) that most people are looking for spells by character class.

Now if I do decide to go that way, do you think it would be better to have separate pages for each class, or one big page that contains separate tables? Or is this whole idea a crazy one?

The reason I think that this is a useful project, is that as the wiki becomes larger (and it's already pretty big now), the need for more intuitive ways to access data rises in importance. What good is a huge wiki if nobody knows that the information is there? Yes, we have the Portal:Magic, but this only links to the various categories of spells. Is this good enough, or do you think a spell index would be useful?

What about one page for Divine spells and one page for Arcane spells? Then we could have anchors to the tables for each class, this anchor could then be linked from the class pages I think its a worthy page
You can also make a page for each class and then create "master pages" which transclude the smaller pages within. That's actually how I'd do it, and then someone can look only at Bard spell index or at Arcane spell index or Spell index, each containing more subpages that the previous. I can set up a demo of how this would work if you have questions.
Okay, let me see if I am understanding you correctly. One page that is a Spell index that lists all spells. One Arcane spell index, one Divine spell index, and then one spell index per page for each of the classes? Each page would link to the others, or at least to the master Spell index?
Check out an example here. This type of page nesting can be used with content inside tables, frames, headers, subheaders, etc.

In the case of spells, it would allow each spell to be entered once (on it's class specific spell list) and then have that class's spell list appear in its entirety on as many other pages as one desired without needing to reenter every spell again and again. It basically allows you to turn any page into a template.

So I've started putting together tables on separate pages for each of the classes. You can see my efforts here: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer-Wizard. Comments or corrections are always appreciated.