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Several of us one the project have gotten into something of a routine, whether it's Aeakett doing the weekly featured articles and media, Fleanetha updating fiction indices, or my own efforts to keep product pages and author pages up to date as monthly releases come out. What we don't have, however, is much of a safety net in case someone falls behind or simply drops off the earth. What I'd really like for my own tasks would be some sort of easy way to track progress. Anyone know of a good way to do that? Especially for tasks that involve a number of steps?

What I'm specifically thinking of is a way to see what the last product in a given line was that had its product page updated to include the actual back cover text, release date, authors list, table of contents, etc., whether the author pages for the associated authors on a product were updated to include that book as a credit, whether the citation template was generated, whether the cover was updated and properly credited using {{image info}}, whether preview art from a given source that had a placeholder page number in its {{image info}} template had been updated. These are the sorts of things I used to do right when they could first be done because I had tons of time for the project and was always on it and on Now I'm less available and I need a way of organizing myself.

Suggestions are more than welcome!

Some points from me:

  1. In no way do I claim any monopoly on indices! I would be very happy were someone to take on this task for a particular book - though, I'd suggest putting a little note to say you were picking it up to stop more than one person duplicating effort. I'll try to do the same when I start work on one in future.
  2. Re your main point, Yoda8myhead, I have no earth shattering panacea but it sounds like a simple checklist to me is required. Maybe a standard checklist could be made for a type of page, such as a sourcebook's, and added as a routine when a page is made in the same '/' format an Index is added: Sourebook_A/Checklist. Authors can then just 'tick' the tasks off as they are done - signature like the ISWGII? Perhaps a badge could be made to show a checklist was completed on the main page, so people know that the page is fully up to date?
    1. An even simpler idea would be one page with the list of 'to dos' required for a particular routine. Next to each line item would be the name of the sourcebook/other entity that was last to get that update in sequence. Problem there would be people going out of sequence and knowing which was next in the sequence. For integrity purposes the former idea is probably stronger.
I have a somewhat radical idea, but one which might be useful. I suggest using a 3rd party task management program such as Wunderkit. This website is still currently in its beta test, but I think it could prove quite useful to us, the most frequent collaborators on the wiki. Why don't people have a look at it and tell me what you think? I've created a dummy "PathfinderWiki" project for us, which I will share with all of those who are interested. It's currently "private", which means you need an invite from me in order to see it. I've already invited Yoda8myhead and Aeakett, as I know their email addresses. If you are interested in seeing the dummy account, please send me yours (Email: brandingopportunity at gmail dot com).
So I think Wunderkit may have some uses in terms of admins prioritizing backend stuff, but I don't think we need to use it for routine maintenance. I'll keep poking around in it for a while though and see if new uses jump out at me.

I created Template:Product status to act as a wiki-based task management tool. See Raiders of the Fever Sea/meta for an example of it in use.

If we can get subpages activated in the Main namespace, /meta and /index pages will function like User subpages currently do (see User:Yoda8myhead/sandbox).

If there are other tasks folks would like to see put on the checklist, it's relatively easy to do.

I tend to think a TODO page linked in the sidebar would be the most helpful and obvious. Each section would have a heading and an "owner", per se, along with the generic workflow you do for your repetitive task. The page could also be used for other "things I'm working on at the moment" items, which would be a heckuva lot easier to track than having to click through to someone's user page. By centralizing it to a wiki-level page, instead of a user namespace, it's far more likely to be read - I know I certainly don't track every change to a user's personal space, but I would be aware of administrivia changes. Generally speaking, I'm hugely not a fan of main space subpages (Article/Todo, Article/Checklist, Article/Index, etc.), so I wouldn't want to see them used for this effect.
It looks like we've got subpages active in the Main namespace. I don't anticipate using them too extensively, except in areas we're already using them (/index and /meta). We link to /index pages from their root page when they exist, but I don't think we'll need to do so for /meta pages. If someone doesn't know they exist, they're likely not someone involved in the wiki in anything more than a casual way. I agree we could make the learning curve less steep and have better project documentation to help inform people of their existence and other ongoing tasks, but until we have those in place, those of us doing those tasks know where to look.