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Forum:What's the under/over on when we'll hit 10k articles?

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Forums: Grand Lodge > What's the under/over on when we'll hit 10k articles?

Changing things up a little bit, let's see who can come closest to predicting the calendar date (server time) that we will hit 10,000 Main-namespace articles. Winner gets a custom badge or some such from Aeakett. And bragging rights. And the knowledge that he motivated someone out there (likely himself) to get the article count that high by that date simply by guessing it.

I predict we'll hit 10,000 articles on June 13, 2014.

What fun! I shall get my badge from Aeakett then on 10 May 2014.

I was thinking it would be cool to happen sometime between July 4-6, but looking at recent progress, I'll go with April 30.

What? Hey wait a minute... *sigh* OK. Pff, who am I kidding, I love coming up with ribbon designs.

If I may be so bold, I think the big event will not be 10,000 articles, as awesome as that number is, but when we have more completed articles than redlinks. At the moment, there's a bit over 15,000 redlinks to 9,600 articles. A number of those redlinks are not actual articles but talk pages for templates or years where nothing happened, or whathaveyou, so one can probably lop off 1,000 or so of those links. That means there are still a potential 14,000 articles (that we know of) on the to do list, not counting updates and revised information, templates, navboxes and the like. And since the fine folks at Paizo keep cranking out new sourcebooks which create a need to create or update between 100 and 200 pages a month (rough gestimate), that list keeps growing. Therefor the big event, for this yahoo here, will likely be this winter or next spring, when the tipping point is reached and Pathfinder Wiki has more than half of all lore content for Pathfinder archived and categorized. MATH! ;)

Just a note, There are a number of us writing up indexes, which create a vast number of red links. So this doesn't help the quest to have more completed pages than red links
I totally overshot this with my guess. As of this posting on April 3, we're at 9,850 articles! Only 150 to go *woot woot*!
YOU GUYS! Right now we're at 9,998 articles and Dmeta and Griffid are both on a roll. I think we'll hit 10,000 within the next half hour, making FoiledAgain the winner of the prediction contest, and one of the two posters above the lucky 10,000th article poster! It's all up to fate as to which takes longer to get up their next article!
Did we get there?
Yep! Your edit at 16:40 PDT, creating the Ring of the godless article put us at 10,000 articles. Check out the top of the Main Page to see it reflected in the official article count. Congratulations and thanks for helping out on the site!
Yes! :) Congratulations Griffid!
Gratz to everyone! :)

And I thought my guess was ambitious and here we are in April at 10,003! Splendid and well done to all and especially Griffid for that special article and FoiledAgain for guessing most accurately.

It was a great surprise to come back from vacation to see this milestone was hit. Congrats to all and Griffid in particular!
A belated congratulations to Griffid & FoiledAgain! A fancy new ribbon has been approved by the Chief Heraldist and will be awarded to FoiledAgain shortly.
Awesome - thanks!
Thanks for the fancy ribbon! How do I go about displaying it? Can Dmeta get one too (or one for the 9,999th page), since we were alternating checkins that night?
Just take a look at Template:Userboxtop, that will show you.
Griffid, sure he can. That ribbon is for anybody to award for anything that they feel warrants it. For some reason, I've been the only person to award one so far, but maybe you could set a new precedent by awarding it yourself.
Done! Thanks, I didn't know that anyone could give them out.