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Pathfinder Quests

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Ambush in Absalom, the first Pathfinder Quest.

Beginning in 2011, Paizo began publishing Pathfinder Quests: short, Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild-legal adventures designed to be played in about one hour and introduce new players to the organized play campaign. It continued publishing a new quest about once a year thereafter, expanding the format in 2014 with The Silverhex Chronicles to include four one-hour adventures that when played by the same player character are equivalent to a standard scenario. These quests are standalone adventures tied thematically to a season's metaplot, but were not integrated into the scenario numbering system. This changed in 2017 with the release of House of Harmonious Wisdom, the first quest to be given a spot in the normal PSRPG publication order.

Pathfinder Quests by season

Season 3
Ambush in Absalom
Season 6
The Silverhex Chronicles, Fane of Fangs
Season 7
Phantom Phenomena
Season 8
Honor's Echo, House of Harmonious Wisdom
The Rose Street Revenge