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Chat tips

Command Description Example
/help View the chat's built-in help. Follow /help with any command for help using it. /help nick
/nick Changes your nickname. /nick Aroden
/me "Perform" an action. /me passes the Test of the Starstone!
/msg Send a private message to another user. /msg Oznogon Hello! Got a minute?

This special page lets you collaborate in real time with other PathfinderWiki chroniclers in our IRC chat room. Please note that the web chat is useful for collaboration but not a replacement for policy and guideline discussions.

To connect, enter the Captcha and click the "Connect" button. At the top left, there are tabs for server messages (with green arrows indicating you're connected) and the #PFWiki chat room. The gear icon at the top right lets you configure the chat client to your liking.

If you are logged in to PathfinderWiki, your chat nickname will be your username. Other users must enter a nickname. See Freenode's user registration FAQ for details about nicknames, including instructions to register a nickname.

If you have trouble with this embedded chat, you can use any IRC client to join #PFWiki on Freenode, or use Freenode's web client.