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This character has been renamed from Sabyl (in Burnt Offerings) to Jabyl (as of Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast). This has been confirmed as an error in the original text:

I changed her name because when I first made up her name, I hadn't realized how kinda awkward and gross it was for me to name a Mwangi woman "Sabyl." That's an example of a flavor error in text that crept in during the writing of Sandpoint nearly ten years ago that might not seem like an error, but is one I've come to feel was unfortunate and awkward and, yeah, gross. So I changed her name to something more nonsensical that isn't just a "fantasy spelling for sable." (The problem, to be specific, is that sable is a dark brown/black color, and naming a Mwangi woman that is icky to me.) So yeah, it's an official correction and I hope that my error here helps others in the future to be a bit more careful and considerate about naming characters words that have real-world meanings... even if you "fantasy" it up by adding a "y" in place of an "i".
  — James Jacobs
- HTD (talk) 23:17, 27 November 2018 (UTC)