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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is for use in any article about a work of audio media relating to the Pathfinder campaign setting. Some parameters are optional and can be left blank. If undefined, these optionals will not appear. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size. This template was initially borrowed from, and future additions based upon, the Book Template at the Forgotten Realms Wiki.


| image      = 
| website    = 
| title      = 
| author     = 
| director   = 
| performer  = 
| author1    = 
| author2    = 
| director1  = 
| director2  = 
| performer1 = 
| performer2 = 
| publisher  = 
| pubcode    = 
| price      = 
| released   = 
| expected   = 
| type       = 
| discs      = 
| runtime    = 
| isbn       = 
| series     = 
| follows    = 
| precedes   = 
| awards     = 


image (optional) 
An image of the product's cover. The recommended size is 250px. If the image is a placeholder, include {{placeholder}} after the image.
website (optional) 
The url of the book's official product page on the publisher's website.
The title of the product. Don't forget to italicize.
author (optional) 
The human-readable string of authors: [[A]], [[B]], and [[C]].
director (optional) 
The human-readable string of directors: [[A]], [[B]], and [[C]].
The human-readable string of performers: [[A]], [[B]], and [[C]]. Note that this list may be relatively long for some products. Try to keep this list to 5 or fewer to prevent info box bloat.
author1 .. n (optional)
Plain-text individual authors: author1 = A, author2 = B, etc. Used in automated categories.
director1 .. n (optional) 
Plain-text individual directors: director1 = A, director2 = B, etc. Used in automated categories.
performer1 .. n (optional) 
Plain-text individual performers: performer1 = A, performer2 = B, etc. Used in automated categories.
For Full-cast Audio Dramas, this will usually be Big Finish Productions. For Soundscapes, this will usually be Syrinscape.
The publisher's product code for this release (PZO9500, etc.).
The purchase price of the product, usually in the form of CD: $15.99<br />Digital: $12.99.
released (optional) 
Could be simply a year (1998) or a month and year (June 1998).
Include this only if the product has been released. If not, use "expected," below.
expected (optional) 
Could be simply a year (1998) or a month and year (June 1998).
Include this for products that have been announced but are not yet available.
Once the product is released, use "released" above.
This is the type of audio program included in the product. This will usually be Full-cast Audio Drama, which adds Category:Audio dramas, or Soundscape, which adds Category:Soundscapes.
discs (optional) 
The number of discs included in the story. Be sure to include the unit (1 disc or 2 discs) in this field.
runtime (optional) 
The total runtime of the audio drama. While exact hh:mm:ss demarcations of time are preferred, an approximation is fine as long as you indicate that it is an approximation with Approx. before the runtime. Be sure to include units (mins, hr[s]) if you are estimating.
isbn (optional) 
The ISBN product code of the physical CD.
series (optional) 
If this product is part of a series, the name of the series.
follows and precedes (optional) 
Wiki links to the programs that immediately precede and follow the entry.
If the entry is the first or last program in a series, leave the associated parameter blank.
Remember that all program titles should be italicized.
awards (optional) 
List awards won by this product here.

Automated Categories

author1 .. n 
If authorn is defined, add "Category:Works by AUTHORn" for each entry.
director1 .. n 
If directorn is defined, add "Category:Works by DIRECTORn" for each entry.
performer1 .. n 
If performern is defined, add "Category:Works starring PERFORMERn" for each entry.
released, expected 
When either of these parameters are passed, add "Category:YYYY audio dramas" or "Category:YYYY soundscapes".
If series contains Pathfinder Legends, add Category:Pathfinder Legends.

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