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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

{{Distance}} returns the distance between two cities in miles, based on their location encoded in the latlong coordinates of {{City}}. Latitude and longitude are estimated using the work of John Mechalas; see also {{Golarionmap}} and {{Region map/tiled}}.

If you use this template to provide a distance in a canon article, please provide a caveat in a reference with credit to John, such as "The approximate distance between Absalom and Magnimar, based on the work of John Mechalas".

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The distance this template provides is an imprecise estimate based on a canonical source, but the distance it provides is not canonical. If the distance this template generates is inconsistent with a canonical source, use the canonical source.

Usage and example

The approximate distance between [[Mzali]] and [[Tymon]], based on a [[:File:Inner Sea region map.jpg|map of the Inner Sea region]], is {{Distance|Mzali|Tymon}}.

Results in:

The approximate distance between Mzali and Tymon, based on a map of the Inner Sea region, is 2,244 miles.

To omit or change the word "miles", add text as a third parameter.

{{Distance|Mzali|Tymon| mi.}}

Results in:

2,244 mi.

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