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Template:Region map/tiled/doc

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{{Region map/tiled}} creates a regional map for a city, as long as that city has the latlong parameter declared in its article's {{City}} infobox. To create a regional map for any arbitrary set of lat/long coordinates, use {{Golarionmap}}.


Simple, using the page name as the city name

{{Region map/tiled}}

With all parameters

{{Region map/tiled|city=}}


city (optional)
The article name of a city that has the latlong parameter declared in its {{City}} infobox. See Absalom for an example. If omitted or left blank, the template uses the page's name ({{PAGENAME}}) by default. If no coordinates exist for the city, the map shows Absalom instead.
To find the latlong coordinates for a {{City}} infobox, use the City & POI Lookup table or move the interactive map over the location you want to display and copy the coordinates from the resulting URL's last two numbers.


This template uses the wiki's Cargo database to specifically query the latlong parameter of a city's {{City}} infobox. If you add the coordinates and {{Region map/tiled}} in the same edit, you might see a map of Absalom instead of the specified location because the map was drawn before the database was updated. Purge the page's cache to show the correct city map.

{{Region map/tiled}} should appear only once on a page. To have multiple tiled region maps on a page, use {{Golarionmap}} and specify a unique id parameter on each map.

Previewing a page to which you have just added {{Region map/tiled}} might not work the first time. If it doesn't, preview the page again.

This uses a default zoom level of 6, which cannot be changed. While sufficient for most cities, this might not work for all locations. To adjust the region map's zoom level, use {{Golarionmap}} instead.


{{Region map/tiled|city=Absalom}}