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Hello everyone, my name is Carlos!

I'm a proud Mexican, living in Querétaro, Mexico and I have lived my entire life here. I'm a new member to the pathfinder community beginning my love in June 2013. But my credentials as a wiki editor go back to April 2009, when I started the League of Legends Wiki, which righ t now has about 750 thousands unique visitors each day.


I'm currently checking the site out, so I can understand what needs to be done. But these are a few endeavors I will dedicate my spare time:

Where can I be found?

  • You can find me in @KazMx, but I write mainly in Spanish.
  • I'm starting a blog recording my wondrous adventures as a GM with an international cast of PCs, here.
  • Also I'm doing this blog creating pregenerated characters and NPCs, which any new player or most likely a GM could pick to fill their adventures.


  • As a GM: Currently going through the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path in Spanish, through
  • As a Player:
    • In a weird crossover to Ravenloft (Aerel Whiteleaf, Elf Bladebound Magus lvl 7)
    • Fireblasting the vile Fey in Falcon's Hollow (Jarel Whiteleaf, Elf Wizard lvl 8)