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Looking for something simple to write about? The Spell Index needs your help!

As some of you may know, the Monster index is one of the most popular pages on this site. I thought it might be equally useful to create a Spell index, listing all the spells unique to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. I am almost finished creating separate tables for each of the spellcasting classes, but I need your help.

If you click on the links below (which are part of my "Sandbox", as I don't want the general public to access them in their current state), you'll notice that most of them are populated by red links; that doesn't look good. I would greatly appreciate any help turning these red links blue. All that is required is to use the {{Spell}} template, fill out the information in the infobox (name, level, class, school, sub-school, descriptor, and source) and then describe the effect of the spell from an in-world perspective. It's guaranteed to be a short article.

The tables can be organized by any of the fields, so if you have only a few of the books, simply alphabetize the tables by source, and you'll see all the ones contained therein.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!