User blog:Cpt kirstov/Reaper to Produce Pathfinder Miniatures

From PathfinderWiki

Paizo and Reaper Miniatures today announced that Reaper would be producing monthly metal miniature releases to support Paizo’s new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Debuting in Fall 2009, with fantasy miniatures supporting the Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Adventure Paths, Pathfinder Modules, and the world of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting.

“We’re ecstatic to be working with the fine people at Paizo Publishing,” said Ed Pugh, CEO of Reaper Miniatures. “The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game has set a new standard in roleplaying and gaming in our industry. We’re proud to be a part of such a groundbreaking endeavor.”

We'll be discussing the scope and future of this range here at Gen Con over the next few days, and I imagine both Paizo and Reaper will have much more to announce by way of details in the next few weeks. Many of the current Pathfinder minis sculpts will eventually be rolled into the new line, which will include new sculpts on a monthly basis.— Paizo press release, August 12, 2009 ([1])