User blog:Yoda8myhead/Dave Gross to Write Pathfinder Novel

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A special surprise lurks in the pages of The Twice-Damned Prince, which began shipping to Pathfinder Adventure Path subscribers today. While anticipation has been high for quite some time regarding the announcement of the impending Pathfinder Fiction line, few would have suspected that the big reveal would come in a sidebar in the pages of Dave Gross's serialized novella Hell's Pawns.

At the moment, all we know is that one of the first books in the novels line will be Gross's sequel to Hell's Pawns entitled Prince of Wolves, in which Radovan leaves Egorian behind and heads into the mist-shrouded land of Ustalav. The book hasn't been formally announced, so we don't have a cover image, page count, or release date to report, but rest assured that we'll shout the news from the mountaintops once we hear anything, so stay tuned. Another wave of product announcements is expected later this week or early next week, and chances are high that the fiction line will be among them.