User blog:Yoda8myhead/Open Design to make official Golarion patronage adventure

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Announced today by Wolfgang Baur, Open Design will soon begin design and development of the first patronage project set in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. The adventure, From Shore to Sea, will be written by Brandon Hodge with input, playtesting, and brainstorming from the project's patrons. It will be set in a Chelish seaside town and explore a series of strange Azlanti ruins off the coast. After writing is complete, Paizo will develop, illustrate and release the adventure as part of their Pathfinder Modules line in 2010. Open Design will be further supplementing the adventure with a setting neutral book called Sunken Empires which will provide 64 pages of adventure hooks and new rules (all PFRPG compatible) for adventures set in or around underwater ruins. From Shore to Sea is currently accepting patrons, so don't miss your chance to make your mark on Golarion and be part of a historic Open Design project. For more information see the official announcement on Kobold