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Promo cards

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Fire Sneeze was the first promo card released for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

In addition to the regular Pathfinder Adventure Card Game content released over the course of the game's life, a number of promo cards have been distributed as well. In most cases, these are made available to hobby retailers to distribute to their customers as an incentive to get gamers into stores, but they are also provided along with each month's release to Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscribers on


Rise of the Runelords
Name Type Release Date Availability
Fire Sneeze Spell August 2013 Paizo Convention Promo
Poog of Zarongel Ally August 2013 Retail Promo
Blessing of Zarongel Blessing October 2013 Retail Promo
Dance with Squealy Nord Barrier November 2013 Game Trade Magazine
Birdcruncher Crown Item December 2013 Retail Promo
Grindylow Monster February 2014 Retail Promo
Horsechopper +1 Weapon April 2014 Retail Promo
Goblin Plate +1 Armor June 2014 Retail Promo
Skull & Shackles
Name Type Release Date Availability
Ranzak Character June 2014 Free RPG Day Promo
Ranzak Token June 2014 Free PRG Day Promo
Kleptomaniac Role June 2014 Free RPG Day Promo
Wrecker Role June 2014 Free RPG Day Promo
Mogmurch Ally July 2014 Organized Play Promo
Goblin Keelhaulin Barrier August 2014 Paizo Convention Promo
Goblin Weidling Ship August 2014 Retail Promo
Owlbeartross Monster September 2014 Retail Promo
Goblin Pegleg Item October 2014 Retail Promo
Magpie Princess Ship November 2014 Retail Promo
Mistmourn Ship December 2014 Retail Promo
Goblin Buckler Gun Weapon January 2015 Retail Promo
Wrath of the Righteous
Name Type Release Date Availability
Temptation of Big Die Barrier May 2015 Paizo Convention Promo
Chuffy Lickwound Ally May 2015 Retail Promo
Sweet Dragon Costume Armor June 2015 Retail Promo
Ekkie Character June 2015 Free RPG Day Promo
Ekkie Token June 2015 Free RPG Day Promo
Guttersnipe Role June 2015 Free RPG Day Promo
Poodlekiller Role June 2015 Free RPG Day Promo
Goblin Skull Bomb Item July 2015 Retail Promo
Pig From Hell Monster August 2015 Retail Promo
Valias Durant Cohort September 2015 Game Trade Magazine