Chapel of Guilts

Chapel of Guilts
Type Monastic
Leader Abbot Phavad Nholinarm
Alignment Neutral
Headquarters Barstoi, Ustalav
Goals Promoting the Pharasmin Penitence
Scope National
Members Monks, inquisitors

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 14

The Ustalavic county of Barstoi boasts three Pharasmin monasteries: the Chapel of Guilts; the Mother of Skulls; and the Vault of Tears. The Chapel of Guilts lies in the north-west of the county near to the source of the Delgavia River and is by far the most well known and feared.[1]


The monastery does not have the conventional look of such a place, rather it resembles a fortress and has a salt mine annexed to it, such that parts of the monastery, such as catacombs, are carved out of the salt.

The monks of the monastery follow a particularly severe form of the extreme Pharasmin Penitence and are especially interested in evangelism, flagellation and inquisition. The monks take these devotions outside the monastery as missionaries and as witch-hunters.[2]


  • The monastery is led by Abbot Phavad Nholinarm who is responsible for the severity of the application of the Pharasmin Penitence.[2]
  • The oldest member of the Chapel of Guilts is Witchfinder Judge Erdin Coim who refuses to retire from his duties as priest, witchfinder, judge, and inquisitor for the faith.[3]