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An Ulfen warrior

The Ulfen (pronounced OOL-fen)[1] are a human ethnicity once feared across Avistan's coastlines for the fierce and merciless raiding they conducted in their longboats. Sometimes, they are referred to as Vikings, though this may more specifically be applied to Ulfen fighters and warriors.[2] These days have passed, but the Ulfen are renowned for their height and their prowess as warriors. Ulfen bodyguards are considered a highly desirable thing around the courts of the Inner Sea.[citation needed]


The Ulfen normally boast physiques larger than the average human with men normally standing no less than six feet. Ulfen have pale skin and their hair is usually either blonde, straw brown, or red and is normally braided by both men and women, although women's braids tend to be more elaborate. Their clothing is tailored for their cold environment, with fur being a commonly used material. They decorate their clothes with jewellery made out of horn or ivory and bronze and silver.[3]


The Ulfen people have been renowned for their abilities as raiders. Many people living along the western coast of Avistan boast a little Ulfen blood in them. Ulfen raiders began raiding the west coast of Garund as early as 1218 AR[4] and had advanced as far as the coast of Cheliax by 1975 AR.[5]

This spirit is far from gone. In recent years (4704 AR) the Ulfen Linnorm king, White Estrid, even managed to smash through a Chelish blockade at the Arch of Aroden to sail victorious into the harbour of Absalom, displaying the daring Ulfen spirit. [6]

There was a time when all the Ulfen people were part of the same nation, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Fourteen hundred years ago, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings stretched from the west coast of Avistan all the way to the borders of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Within this land lived all the Ulfen people until the coming of Baba Yaga. In 3313 AR, in less than a month her horde of blue-skinned trolls and cold fey split the Ulfen people between the free Ulfen of the Land of Linnorm Kingdoms and those enslaved within the new kingdom of Irrisen.[7]


An Ulfen warrior defeats a linnorm

Ulfen culture puts a high value on appearance despite the Ulfen reputation for savagery. The Ulfen of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings are sailors, traders, and occasionally raiders whereas the Ulfen of Irrisen are more raiders. The role an Ulfen is expected to fill depends on his or her gender, though the majority of Ulfen are farmers and labourers. Male Ulfen are most likely to become rangers or priests of deities like Torag, Erastil, or Gorum. Most have a sense of adventure as the frozen lands of the North do not generally foster the timid. Women are often druids or priestesses of Desna or Torag. A small amount of women also become Wind Sisters, Ulfen maidens who have tamed an aerial mount and use it to fly from isolated settlement to isolated settlement. They also form the first line of defence against aerial threats.[3]