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Thurston Hillman

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Thurston Hillman
Thurston Hillman
Homepage The On Call GM
Born August 30, 1986
Hometown Winnipeg, MB (Canada)
Position Freelance contributor

Thurston Hillman, sometimes known as Rugult, is a starving Canadian writer. Working in the fast-paced industry of aviation software as a support agent and trainer, Thurston spends quite a bit of time traveling across the world. July 2010 marked the release of Thurston's first Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild adventure, The Infernal Vault. When not writing or playing Pathfinder, Thurston spends his time playing tabletop wargames at his FLGS or working on his website, The On Call GM.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Agents of Evil 1512 December 2015 AoE
Assault on the Wound 1407 July 2014 PFS5-24
Bestiary 80 "Bestiary" #80 1404 April 2014 PF80 (82)
Bestiary 81 "Bestiary" #81 1405 May 2014 PF81 (80)
Bestiary 90 "Bestiary" #90 1501 January 2015 PF90 (80)
Bestiary 92 "Bestiary" #92 1504 April 2015 PF92
Bestiary 94 "Bestiary" #94 1506 June 2015 PF94
Blakros Matrimony, The The Blakros Matrimony 1211 November 2012 PFS4-09
Darklands Revisited 1602 February 2016 DR
Ecology of the Skum "Ecology of the Skum" 1509 September 2015 PF98
Infernal Vault, The The Infernal Vault 1004 April 2010 PFS55
Inner Sea Combat 1404 April 2014 ISC
Ire of the Storm 1604 April 2016 IotS
Occult Adventures 1507 July 2015 OA
Planes of Power 1608 August 2016 PoP
Siege of the Diamond City 1308 August 2013 PFS5-00
Song of the Sea Witch 1109 September 2011 PFS3-06
Traitor's Lodge, The The Traitor's Lodge 1311 November 2013 PFS5-09
True Dragons of Absalom 1507 July 2015 PFS6-99
Wounded Wisp, The The Wounded Wisp 1412 December 2014 PFS6-10
Wrath of Thrune "Wrath of Thrune" 1603 March 2016 PF104
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