Titles Verity
Home Palace of Zohls, Grand Court of Heaven, Iudica, Heaven
Alignment Lawful good
Areas of Concern Determination
Worshipers Archivists, benevolent spies, detectives, good inquisitors, researchers
Cleric Alignments
Domains Good, Knowledge, Law, Travel
Subdomains Archon, Exploration, Judgment, Thought
Favored Weapon Heavy crossbow
Symbol Book with chequered page
Sacred Animal Wren
Sacred Colors Black, white

Source: Chronicle of the Righteous, pg(s). 29

Zohls is a powerful archon empyreal lord dedicated to investigation, truth, and determination.[1] Her palace is located within the Grand Court of Heaven, the arbiter of goodness itself on Iudica, the sixth level of Heaven.[2]

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Zohls has a daughter, Hebath, also an archon. who works in the 77th House of Judgment.[3]