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Empyreal lord

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Empyreal Lord
Ragathiel, an empyreal lord, in action
Type Outsider
(good, extraplanar)
CR high, usually 20+
Environment Heaven, Nirvana, Elysium

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 233

Empyreal Lords, or the Lords of the Empyrean, are unique angels who have transcended their original forms and have acquired a small spark of divinity, becoming demigods.[1][2] They guide mortals on the various paths to righteousness,[3] and Sarenrae herself is said to have risen from their ranks.[4] Powerful agathions, called agathion leaders, enter the ranks of empyreal lords.[5]

Known Empyreal Lords

The following list includes the most well-known empyreal lords, many of whom are venerated on Golarion.[6]

Andoletta, Grandmother Crow Arqueros, the Golden Bulwark Arshea, Spirit of Abandon
Ashava, True Spark Bharnarol, the Tempered Inventor Black Butterfly, the Silence Between
Chadali, the Serendipitous Path Chucaro, Maiden of Haze and Whimsy Damerrich, the Weighted Swing
Eritrice, Heart-Speaker Falayna, Warrior's Ring Ghenshau, Breezes-Still-and-Ripples-Cease
Halcamora, Lady of Ripe Bounty Immonhiel, Balm-Bringer Irez, Lady of Inscribed Wonder
Jaidz, Fearless Claw Jalaijatali, Rillsong Korada, The Open Hand of Harmony
Lalaci, He of Motley Repose Lymnieris, the Auroral Tower Olheon, the Just Arbiter
Picoperi, Merrgleam Pulura, the Shimmering Maiden Ragathiel, General of Vengeance
Rowdrosh, the Divine Herdsman Seramaydiel, Lady of Inspired Notes Shei, the Ibis Matron
Sinashakti, Immaculate Joy Soralyon, the Mystic Angel Tanagaar, the Aurulent Eye
Tolc, Snow-Strider Valani, Fireshaker Vildeis, the Cardinal Martyer
Winlas, the Elder of Divinity Ylimancha, Harborwing Zohls, Verity

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Paizo Publishing has released a major sourcebook called Chronicle of the Righteous that details the empyreal lords.

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