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4535 AR

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Age of Enthronement
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4535 AR in conflicts

  • In the month of Rova, Asar Vergas leads a mercenary force based from an ancient crypt on two months of sustained raids on Kassen's Hold, a town founded by his former adventuring companion Ekat Kassen.[1]
  • On 9 Neth, townsfolk of Kassen's Hold end the siege by locating and attacking the camp in a battle that would leave many dead on both sides, including both Asar and later Ekat.[1]

Deaths in 4535 AR

  • After a fierce battle, Asar Vergas dies on 9 Neth, and his mercenary army is driven away from Kassen's Hold. On 11 Neth, two days after Asar's death, Ekat Kassen also dies from a mortal wound sustained during the battle. Both are buried in the Crypt of the Everflame, which Asar had used as a base; Ekat was laid to rest in a place of honor, while Asar was relegated to a basic sarcophagus.[1]