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Shoonies are an ancestry of small, bipedal humanoids who resemble brachycephalic dogs. They primarily live in small farming communities on the Isle of Kortos. Shoonies are unwaveringly optimistic and always see the best in others, seeking redemption and forgiveness before violence. Their numbers have dramatically declined in the century since the death of their patron Aroden.

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The Abomination Arsenal: Part 5
The Deep Levels! We’ve delved a lot of dungeons throughout Order of the Amber Die’s history. We’ve delved a few megadungeons too. There is this cool thing that happens when you pass the two-thirds mark of a megadungeon; in 2014, it happened when we reached the eleventh level of The Emerald Spire. In our earlier years, it happened when we reached the third poster map of the Ruins of Undermountain. It happened again during this marathon, when we landed on the eighth level of the Abomination Vaults. You’re close to the end. You can feel the immensity of the megadungeon
Infinite Top Performers—Jan ‘24
Welcome back to another exciting collection of Pathfinder Infinite & Starfinder Infinite Top Performers! Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite is a program that allows you to create content (adventures and locations; monsters; character classes, archetypes, and backgrounds; fiction; etc.) based on Paizo’s intellectual property (IP), including Pathfinder’s Lost Omens campaign setting, and to make some money while you’re at it. Your work might even be recognized by the community and earn you an invitation into the Infinite Masters elite creator program. For more info on Pathfinder Infinite, Starfinder Infinite, and how to get started, check out the FAQs! January’s Top Performers
February Digital Adventure Previews
Hello, Starfinders! We’ve got a packed month for you, so let’s dive right in! Our metaplot continues as the Order of Dawning Fate progresses their plans, unleashing a devastating disaster weapon against a planet in the Vast. Not yet certain which planet the Order is targeting, the Starfinder Society is forced to dispatch teams to numerous planets, spreading their forces thin. You’ve been assigned the planet of Relthune, which is currently experiencing extensive tectonic activity. Race through a city in chaos to find the Order of Dawning Fate, deactivate their weapon, and bring their schemes to an end. Yet, the
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Paizo Announces Retail and Convention Partners for New PaizoCon@ Initiative
Paizo’s annual convention will now include local in-person chapters around the United States and beyond. January 9, 2024. [Seattle, WA]: As part of their annual PaizoCon celebration, Paizo will include several friendly local game stores (FLGS) and one convention as pilot partners in the PaizoCon@ project. These local game stores will receive access to the PaizoCon exclusive Organized Play releases, as well as the ability to participate in the PaizoCon Interactive Specials for both Pathfinder and Starfinder. “We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a return to in-person PaizoCon activities, but with a remote workforce, a singular event couldn’t meet
Pathfinder Lore Masters Trivia Game Now Available for iOS and Android
[Oct 19th 2023] Montreal, Quebec - Tabletop RPG enthusiasts have another reason to celebrate today, as the highly anticipated Pathfinder Lore Masters trivia game is officially live and available for download on both iOS and Google Play stores. Pathfinder Lore Masters is a project that has been meticulously crafted over the past years by a dedicated team of developers. Their hard work has resulted in an engaging and immersive gaming experience that promises to challenge fans' knowledge of the Pathfinder lore and rules. Key Features of Pathfinder Lore Masters: Thousands of Pathfinder Questions: Immerse yourself in the rich lore and
Paizo + RPGMatch Partnership
RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Paizo, the award-winning publisher behind the blockbuster tabletop games Pathfinder & Starfinder! With this partnership, fans of the Paizo games can now unlock an exclusive badge for their RPGMatch profile to let people know about their affinity with the brand: This badge not only shows in the profile, but also on the user list and can be included in filters when searching for other users. How do I get the badge? Paizo has a shortcode that will allow fans to unlock the badge. The best way to collect the badge is to