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The Six Trials of Larazod is the fictional account of a Chelish tiefling named Larazod Rilsane. This opera in seven acts was written by Lokoris Sarini in the early 46th century AR and was banned for over a century until the rise of House Thrune legitimized the worship of Asmodeus. Despite the spectacle and fame of this piece, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the play is that it is rarely performed to completion. The reality of these trials in their most lethal form—as the play's stage directions detail—prove so intense that nearly every performance ends in the gruesome onstage death of the actors playing Larazod and his companions, those who vow to join him in his darkest hour and face the trials alongside him. As such, performances of The Six Trials of Larazod are rare, but typically provide macabre entertainment for the most decadent of audiences. read more

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