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Nation Abyss
Region Sea of Whispering Sands
Size Metropolis
Demographics Mummified demons, giant scorpions
Government Theocracy (Aldinach)
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Aldinach

Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 15

Aioganthus is the greatest of hundreds of cities erected in the scorpion demon lord Aldinach's honor by her followers. Hidden in the trackless wastes of the Abyss's Sea of Whispering Sands, it is a sprawling metropolis largely built from chitin and resin within a slowly collapsing, funnel-shaped sinkhole.[1]


As the neighborhoods slide into the center of the funnel, the buildings merge and tangle together to form a spire that resembles a gigantic scorpion's tail. Every few hours, the growing spire lurches downward to "sting" the sinkhole's rim, where building material breaks off and forms new structures on the city's outskirts. This constant destruction forces the denizens of Aioganthus to regularly move in order to avoid being recycled along with their crushed homes, and also makes the city tremendously hard to navigate or attack.[1]

A handful of areas in the central tower's base remain stable, including the mass of surrounding buildings shifting around them toward the "stinger" at the apex. These fixed areas house Aldinach's personal chambers, prison cells, and laboratories.[1]


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