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Titles First City
Nation First World
Size Metropolis
Population 2,400,000
Demographics 1,200,000 gnomes; 1,000,000 assorted fey; 200,000 other
Government Council
Alignment Lawful neutral
Leader Caehorys
Jenway Nightblossom

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 102–103

Anophaeus is a metropolis constructed around the legs of the gargantuan statue-like Eldest Imbrex in the First World.[1][2]


Unlike most First World cities, Anophaeus' architecture is fairly mundane, like that of a Material Plane city, instead of fantastical. The oldest and most expensive districts are those that climb the feet and legs of Imbrex. Some buildings are constructed ingeniously around Imbrex's ankles, but drilling directly into their stone flesh is banned, for fear of rousing their wrath. Imbrex's dreams are strange, addictive, and leak into the nearby areas, sometimes coalescing into physical form. Directions in Anophaeus are often given in comparison to the statues—using terms like godright and godleft, from Imbrex's perspective—instead of the nebulous cardinal directions.[1]


Anophaeus is jointly ruled by a loose alliance between the Church of the Twins and the Dreamshapers' Guild, who meet in the Speaker's Steps. Decisions are declared by public acclaim, so bribery and shows of force are common. Regular citizens can also make speeches, but it is very difficult to make the two organisations pay attention to matters that do not affect their interests.[1]


Anophaeus is often called the First City, due to its age and the status of the First World as the precursor of the Material Plane. It was originally built as a resting place for pilgrims visiting Imbrex.[1]


Most citizens of Anophaeus consider Imbrex's dreams to be a natural resource, and views the Eldest's occasional edicts as the price of business. Some others have grown so addicted to the dreams that they can no longer care for themselves, and the city's slums are crowded with them. Twins are considered to be lucky in Anophaeus, and there is an abnormally high number of them in the city.[1]


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