Arrelious Palamara

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Arrelious Palamara
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Storm giant
Class Bard 7
Gender Female
Homeland Jagged Reach, Rahadoum

Source: Giants Revisited, pg(s). 55

Arrelious Palamara is the mistress of Baid Asif ("Bather's Isle" in the Giant tongue), her home on the island of Jagged Reach off the storm-wracked southwestern coast of Rahadoum, hard against the Eye of Abendego. There she entertains storm giants from across Golarion who make their pilgrimage to the site to witness the fury and power of the never-ending storm. She encourages her visitors to mount expeditions to explore the storm and return to her for lavish feasts and entertainment. Non-giants are strictly prohibited there without a storm giant chaperon.[1]


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