Ashtirat II

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Ashtirat II

The Morning Star
After 1396 AR
Source: Qadira, Jewel of the East, pg(s). 7, 44–45

Padishah Empress Ashtirat II, also known as Ashtirat the Morning Star,1 was a monarch of mighty Kelesh during the early years of the Age of Enthronement.2


Ashtirat famously visited the Qadiran capital of Katheer in 1396 AR, which sparked a huge building boom whose effects still echo in the skyline of modern Katheer.2 The monastery known as the House of the Morning Star is named in her honor.3

Ashtirat's favorite consort was an elf named Hedessa, with whom she was said to have a permanent telepathic bond. Hedessa discovered an assassination plot conceived by Ashtirat's husband and managed to alert a visiting delegation from Kyonin just in time for them to foil the plot but, alas, not before Hedessa was murdered by the conspirators. In Hedessa's memory, Ashtirat decreed that elves within Kelesh were to receive all the same privileges and protections as human residents, which has remained in effect ever since.1


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