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Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human
Class Cleric 6
Gender Female
Homeland Virlych, Ustalav
Deity Desna
Companion(s) Radovan Virholt

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 35

Azra is an itinerant cleric of Desna in the Pharasma-dominated country of Ustalav, where she has learnt much about the faith of the Lady of Graves and applied it to her own understanding and teachings. Azra is unable to speak, so has found other ways of communicating her goddess' messages on her journeys. She travels over much of the western counties of Ustalav, with a special interest in the most haunted of them all: Virlych. Azra is particularly concerned with the outcast community at Ruwido where she is one of few outsiders welcomed there. Due to her great knowledge of Virlych, she knows many of its secrets and inhabitants, and she can use this to act as a reliable guide to others through the county. However, Azra is no tour guide: she will only escort good-hearted people through the cursed county.[1]


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