Bag of holding

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Bag of holding
(Magic item)
Aura (1E) Conjuration
Caster Level (1E) 9
Item Level (2E) Item 4 (Type I)
Item 7 (Type II)
Item 11 (Type III)
Item 13 (Type IV)
Type Wondrous item
Slot (1E) None
Usage (2E) Held in 2 hands

Source: Classic Treasures Revisited, pg(s). 4–9 (1E)
Core Rulebook, pg(s). 572 (2E)

A bag of holding is a magical bag containing an extradimensional space, allowing it to hold a larger volume than its dimensions should permit. There are several different types of bags of holding, with the more powerful bags able to hold a larger amount than the less powerful ones. It is possible to accidentally destroy a bag of holding either by overloading it or by physically piercing it. It is also possible to briefly keep a live creature within a bag of holding but if not removed quickly they will soon suffocate.[1][2]

Like other extradimensional containers, a bag of holding ceases to work while in another extradimensional space, with the exception of a portable hole. A bag of holding can tear a planar rift or create a portal to the Astral Plane when combined with a portable hole, a process which destroys both items.[1]

Flipping a bag of holding inside out will eject items harmlessly, but the bag needs to be flipped back to normal again after doing this or it is unable to work.[2]


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