Besmara's House

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Besmara's House is the temple to Besmara in Ilizmagorti on Mediogalti Island.[1] It is sited in a converted warehouse in the city's Wharves district. It is the second largest temple in the city: only the Pagoda of the Mantis is larger.

Few of Ilizmagorti's established citizens revere Besmara, but visiting pirates make offerings at the temple before setting out on voyages. The temple's message board is a convenient place for captains to leave their details, in order for potential employers or potential crew to contact them.

The clerics, led by Priest-Captain Ramos Blackarm, seek to cajole or frighten visiting sailors into making a donation to the goddess. They sell "placations" to the gullible, claiming they will protect the bearer from the perils of the sea. They also offer to sell letters of marque and flags of convenience, seeking to increase strife on the high seas in honour of their goddess.[2]


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