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Chronicles in Tooth and Bone

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The Chronicles in Tooth and Bone are a collection of contemporaneous accounts from the early years of the Age of Darkness about the customs and history of the people who fled the devastations of Earthfall for the relative safety of the newly-established land of Nidal. Because paper or parchment was virtually non-existent during these chaotic times, they were carved using crude stone chisels onto any durable surface, and represent some of the only known historical and cultural records of that time. Even though they were written over many years, they were first begun by Azlanti and Thassilonian refugees around -5290 AR, and are now kept in the Hall of the Chronicles in the Nidalese capital of Pangolais. Archivists working in the Hall have continually translated the texts into the modern vernacular over the intervening millennia, providing a crucial understanding of languages and peoples forgotten by the rest of the world.[1][2]