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Leader Unknown
Alignment Neutral evil
Headquarters Abaddon
Goals The hunting of those who unnaturally extend their lives
Scope Multi-planar
Members Undead hunting shiras

Source: The Jackal's Price, pg(s). 79

The Dami-Anaeshem are a group of shiras (a type of div) who have banded together to hunt creatures who have unnaturally extended their lifespans. Shiras are generally solitary creatures, making this level of organization and coordination especially unusual.

Members of the Dami-Anaeshem generally target sentient consummate undead, such as liches or vampires, but they also target any creatures who have lived past their time. Shira attracted to the Dami-Anaesham are generally the older members of their race who have grown tired with hunting mere mortals and consider themselves claws of fate. The members of this cabal claim that devouring the essence of creatures who have outlived their own lives gives them some sort of mysterious strength, but the exact nature of this power is undetermined.[1]


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