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Titles Lord
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Half-elf
Class Sorcerer 10
Gender Male
Homeland Mindspin Mountains
Familiar Earful (bat)

Source: Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale, pg(s). 24

Lord Vardak is a powerful and ambitious half-elf sorcerer who lives in the Mindspin Mountains east of Bloodsworn Vale, to which he claims ownership.[1]


Little is known of Vardak's distant past. Before settling in Bloodsworn Vale, he traveled through many places, including Absalom, Gallowspire, Korvosa, Magnimar, and Sothis.[2]

Vardak settled in the mountains east of the Vale at an unknown time and built himself a fortress using enslaved humanoids.[3] As he grew old, he realized his time in the mortal world was limited and he sought means to extend his lifespan and eventually achieve lichdom, with his ultimate goal of immortality and to become the ruler of his own kingdom.[4]

He eventually found the means to extend his life by brewing a foul potion each month with the severed ears of fey, which were gathered by a number of flame drakes under his command through blackmailing the local roseblood sprites under the threat of destruction should they not comply.[5]

Vardak made a pact with the barghests living in the mountains near his fortress, offering them all the bodies they would need to grow in exchange for their servitude.[6]