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Enormous Basic Flip-Mat

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Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Enormous Basic
Cover Image
Map - Flip-Mat
Release date
February 23, 2022
30" by 46"

Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Enormous Basic, a Pathfinder Flip-Mat, was released on February 23, 2022.

Be it a sprawling dungeon, a sinister castle, a haunted forest, a bustling cityscape, or any other locale where adventure and danger might lurk, with Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Enormous Basic, you'll have more room than ever before to present your latest creation to your players! This sprawling map measures 30" x 46" unfolded and is the largest basic Flip-Mat yet! Designed for experienced GMs and novices alike, and usable with both dry-erase and wet-erase markers, Pathfinder Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal. So grab your markers and get to creating your biggest dungeons yet, with Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Enormous Basic!