Eto Bazaar

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The Osirian city of Eto is divided into several residential neighborhoods that surround the central Eto Bazaar. This market is nearly always bustling with activity except for the hours around noon when shopkeepers close their awnings to hide from the baking sun. The only permanent structure in the Eto Bazaar is the Government House, which houses the home and offices of the city's governor, currently a man named Asep Ma. The other structures in the market are the colorful and ramshackle temporary stalls and tents vendors erect to sell their wares. The merchants here sell everything needed by locals and any tool an explorer might need to delve into Osirion's many nearby ruins and tombs.12

The city's two best-known taverns (the Bent Coin and the Night Oasis) are located across the Bazaar from one another. The city's heavily guarded Central Cistern, which holds the desert city's precious water supply, is also nearby.1