Facts:Pathfinder Playtest Character Folio

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NameThe general name of an entity. This is used for many different types.
Pathfinder Playtest Character Folio
TypeMarks this book as an adventure. This is probably not needed.
ImageThe page of an image representing this entity.
Pathfinder Playtest Character Folio.jpg
WebsiteAn URL that is strongly linked to this entity. E.g. the Paizo page for a book.
AuthorThis entity was written by the given Person. This property can appear multiple times to indicate multiple authors.
PublisherThe publisher of this book or product.
PubcodeTypically a Paizo pubcode.
Book typeThe type of book.
Rule systemWhich RPG system is used in this product.
SeriesThe series this book belongs to.

Automatic properties

Fact typeThe type of fact represented by this entity. This should be a reference to the template that created it.
Release yearThe year in which this product was released. This is typically automatically calculated.
Release dateThe release date or a partial release date.
Gallery pageThe category page of the gallery of images belonging to this entity.