Flork Fumblepot

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Flork Fumblepot

Bard 1 / Expert 3
Source: Goblins! 3, pg(s). 28-29

Flork Fumblepot is a very ungoblinlike goblin: he reads and writes.1

As a Child Flork had many of what common goblins consider failings. These lead to his family to abandon him in the goblin village for a sewer in Magnimar. Flork fought the depression of abandonment and loss but turning down a road where so few goblins go: Books. He found use for this knowledge, inspiring other goblins to be more fearsome and courageous, just to get another book to read. He wrote war songs that are now famous among the goblin tribes. He would wander after raids to gather scrolls and books to read. One of these wandering lead him into Magnimar and the Rose and Rake Theatre. There he witnessed his first play, and was inspired. In the years since, he has written his own plays, even leaving a few at the theatre when on one of his pilgrimages.1

Flork's current goal is to use playacting as a stepping stone to domesticate the other goblins.2 He thinks that with their skills at miming and and singing would combine well with the demands of a play, and it might even free them from the ignorance they hold to so dearly.1