Golden Scarab

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The Golden Scarab is a grand and magnificent building, residing in the shadows of the Dockside Giant in Katapesh. The walls of the Golden Scarab are made of alabaster and speckled with sparking seashells. Gold painted scarabs make their way across its surface, giving the building its name. The Scarab is perhaps the most famous gambling hall in the city, and its owner, Krebble-Jeggle adds new games to the hall at a breakneck pace. The selection of games includes roulette, cards, darts, dice games, and more exotic (and disreputable) games can be found upstairs in the Upper Hall.

The basement of the building is the home of the bloodiest games in all of Golarion: Mig-a-Mug-Tug, Hatch-a-Catch, Knivesies, and Killgull for example. Games involving undead are common as well; Zombie Melee, for example, is a "to the death" game where necromancers pit teams of zombies against each other.

Interestingly, there are no pit fights or duels to be found in the basement of the Golden Scarab. This is because the Pactmasters have granted the Guild of Gladiators sole rights to these sorts of sports.1