Hammer and Tongs

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Torag's Holy Symbol

Hammer and Tongs: The Forging of Metal and Other Good Works is the principle holy text of Torag.

The book of Torag is bound in metal and its leather pages are lacquered with a fire resistant formula. This is due to the fact that the book is intended to be read near forges and other places where extreme heat could spark a fire.

It tells of the creation myths of the dwarves and the destinies they have forged, as well as the Quest for Sky and the simple need for community that binds dwarves together.1

In addition to prayers and rituals, it also includes instructions on how to shape stone, build walls, smelt base metals, and forge iron and steel. It is also common for a copy to include basic information about various predatory monsters and how to defeat them, especially for creatures in the local region.

The oldest copy (usually the one used in the main temple) includes a historical account of when the community was founded, as well as which families or clans were involved in the founding in addition to other notable historical events.2


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