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Let's see what THIS does!

Here's a table: Aside from the table, be sure to also take a look at We Be Goblins!, Wrath of the righteous and Runeplague

I'm a table I've got data
Yes I am Lots of data
Data gets sorted The data gets sorted how I want 20170821 21 August 2017 is a date in 2017
Sort works The sort works the way I tell it to 20160821 26 May 2022 is a date in 2022

Jade Regent

Magic Science
It's Fancy It's extra Fancy
Data gets sorted Arcane or Divine 20181130 Divine is definitely better
Sort works Mechanical or Quantum 20181201 Quantum = Warhammer

History of Arcadia

The History of Arcadia is something that has yet to be fully revealed but historical documents, visits from brave explorers, or even magical divinations have opened our eye's as to what the isolationist continent has to offer. To those who can even gather intelligence from local cities such as Segada give us even further information that we may ponder.


Information Regarding Segada is sparse at best as most outsiders are usually under heavy watch display and Overthrown