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Titles Captain
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Munavri
Class Psychic 2 / Swashbuckler 4
Gender Male
Homeland Sightless Sea, Orv

Source: Darklands Revisited, pg(s). 39

Ignisco is a munavri captain who sails the Sightless Sea and watches over the Braid. During an invasion of Beryl Isle by the urdefhans of Niovengia, he was responsible for sending the enemy fleet into disarray by boarding its flagship, the Apocraphalix, with his crew. He also saved the life of Pathfinder Koriah Azmeren from urdefhans, and told her many stories of sailing the Sightless Sea. In return for ensuring that Azmeren can return to the Grand Lodge with her Darklands discoveries, Ignisco had the Decemvirate expunge all mentions of his people from her published Pathfinder Chronicles, leaving only Azmeren, the Decemvirate, and some trusted Pathfinders with knowledge about munavri society.[1]


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