Irabeth Tirabade

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Irabeth Tirabade
Irabeth, on top left, and other characters.
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Half-orc
Class Paladin 5 (1E) / Champion (Paladin) (2E)
Gender Female
Homeland Mendev
Deity Iomedae
Organization Eagle Watch (former)
Companion(s) Anevia Tirabade
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Source: The Worldwound Incursion, pg(s). 62–63 (1E)
Legends, pg(s). 52 (2E)

Irabeth Tirabade is a half-orc paladin of Iomedae. She served in the Eagle Watch in Kenabres.[1]

After their legendary career in the final Mendevian Crusade to close the Worldwound, Irabeth and her wife Anevia Tirabade retired to rural Mendev to live in her parent's old farm. But simple and calm life turned out to be unsuitable for Irabeth, and soon, plagued by a feeling that she had abandoned her duties by retiring, Irabeth set out to help rebuild and reclaim the demon-scarred north. Still, even though she is accompanied by Anevia, it is uncertain how long will she be able to continue to serve.[2]

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