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City of the Trench
Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 19
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Maro is the largest city located within the Edaio Rift, a great canyon that stretches for thousands of miles across the equator of Akiton.1


Maro is an ancient city segregated into old and new districts. The latter are home to wealthy merchants, while the decaying adobe and sandstone buildings of the former are home to the poor and travellers. Since the rise of the Arsis Holdings to the north some 50 years ago, the division has been worsened by the influx of settlers, traders, and drugs, which locked Maro's downtrodden into strangely psychic dreams.1

Maro is seen as a centre of trade and tourism, and numerous visitors from both Akiton and offworld are drawn to the Thousand Lights, which burn on the Edaio Rift's floor.1


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