Maven Mosslight

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Maven Mosslight
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human ghost
Class Sorcerer 9
Gender Female
Homeland Galt

Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 27

Maven was a modest maiden from an esteemed family in Galt. She fell in love with Lord Reneis Whitchaste. She arranged a blind rendezvous with Lord Whitchaste as her low-born and envious servant Sylnia had advised her. As the women traveled in the twilight by skiff to the secret place they had arranged to meet Lord Whitchaste, Sylnia murdered Maven, throwing her body in the murky river. Sylnia pretended to be Maven that night and seduced Reneis, who had never seen Maven before. She eloped with Reneis and finally became Lady Whitchaste. Maven's body was never discovered.[1]

A soggy soul of a mournful maiden, the ghost of Maven, known as Maven Mosslight in the tales, has wandered the mossy shores of the Boarwood for decades since her murder. She carries a lantern, seeking a lost love and leads all perceived imposters to a watery grave.[1]


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